Information on frameworks

Who is Eligible to use the frameworks?

All our frameworks are National Agreements and are open to any UK Public Authority to utilise.

We include details of where all potential participants (Uk Public Authorities) can be found within all our OJEU Contract Notices.

Can we use our own specification?

Most Frameworks we Let require further competition, in the form of a mini competition to take place to conclude a call off contract.

In order to satisfy this requirement you can use your own specification to conduct the mini competition, however this specification must reflect and fit within the scope of the agreement/Lot itself.

How do we evaluate a mini competition?

Most of our frameworks are evaluated with a split of price and quality. Further specific detail on this is available within each Frameworks tender documents, available by request. We advise a similar split of price and quality is used to evaluate the mini competition to ensure compliance with regulations.

How do we engage suppliers under this framework?

There are two ways to form a contract via this framework agreement. You can choose to direct award on the basis of the fixed prices shown OR, you may conduct a mini competition between all suppliers on that particular Lot against your own specification. Both options are open to you to consider.

Is there a joining fee or charge to use any of your agreements?

We do not charge you as a participant anything to access the agreements. We do use a rebate structure agreed with the suppliers on the framework to recover a percentage of the framework throughput to cover our costs.

This is standard practice with Frameworks and is usually more than offset by the efficiencies seen by utilising the agreement itself.

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